Parse an uploaded CSV file in 2 lines in PHP/CakePHP

Nasty but gets it done: $delim = ‘,’; $enc = ‘”‘; $line = “\n”; foreach( str_getcsv ( file_get_contents( $tmpname ), $line ) as $row ) $csv[] = str_getcsv( $row, $delim, $enc ); // print_r( $csv ); or, if you want to be even more crazy, in 1 (note, config options are inline but I left …

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Mango Initial Release Draws Near

I’ve fixed most of the major bugs, and moved a few ideas I had to the next release wish list. As a final step, I must complete the help files. I plan to take care of that over the weekend and release a working copy within the next week.

Mango Bugs

Here’s the current bug list for Mango that I’ll be working on over the next week or two. After this list is complete, the initial release will go online. Nightly backups of data will be required just in case I miss something which causes the database to become corrupted. registration double what do i do? …

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March 2007 Mango Status Update

The Mango Initial Release is drawing near. I’ve resumed work on the project I was getting all fired up about last year – thanks to my wife – and it’s looking really good. A few things about the plan have changed, however. First, I decided that for now, I’m just targeting me as an audience …

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Mango – a wiki for the rest of us

This weekend, I’m hoping to release a beta of a wiki system I’m developing called ‘Mango.’� My intention is to start off with some basic wiki functionality, get some testers, revise, then produce a version 1 release which will be available for free download on the web. Ultimately, I would like to do a full …

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