IE6: The goddamn hidden cache

Aside from the ‘goddamn’, this article title may sound like a good movie name.  Anyway, it turns out that IE has a hidden cache of temporary internet files (TIFs).  Big deal, right?  Everyone and their grandmother knows that Windows/IE/MS-products-in-general and even software-in-general have these caches of files for whatever reason – sometimes good, sometimes not …

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Kill Dreamweaver (works every time!)

Weirdest thing: if you create a stylesheet that is linked to from one of your pages in dreamweaver and it contains the line .popup {} int it, dW dies while trying to start up.  Great parlour trick!

Mango Bugs

Here’s the current bug list for Mango that I’ll be working on over the next week or two. After this list is complete, the initial release will go online. Nightly backups of data will be required just in case I miss something which causes the database to become corrupted. registration double what do i do? …

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‘no element found’ in firebug or firefox javascript console (part 2)

I was right. If the server sends a response and the ‘Content-Type’ attribute is ‘text/xml’, you must send at least a root node so the xml parser that is built into Mozilla’s XMLHTTPRequest object doesn’t cak and give you a ‘no element found’ Javascript error. This could be an issue for those of us who …

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A Bug in FireBug

Firebug 0.4.1 and 0.4.0 suffer from a very peculiar bug. If you create an object with a property called ‘-URL’, you can not use console.log to see the value of the property using the console. Steps to reproduce: In the console, type x = {‘-URL’ : ‘foo.pdf’, ‘-Size’ : 100}; Now type x Now press …

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