Experiment 20090618

Experiment 20090618

Just like Experiment 20090616 except now pulling in from the 100 Days blogs (the wordier ones – sorry, graphical people!) as Steve had suggested. I had to figure out where to split phrases, so I’m doing so on the following characters:

  • .
  • ,
  • !
  • ?
  • – (these are tricky because there are many ways to code a hyphen – I don’t account for any variations, just he stock keyboard hyphen)
  • \n (which is a ‘new line’ character, meaning the ‘end of a line’)

3 thoughts on “Experiment 20090618”

  1. Works best on the poetry of course, since the lines are planned. It’s a good thing to keep in mind (and to learn first, of course) for future output.

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