Hello, HawkesGolfVehicles.com

Hawkes Golf Vehicles is a leading golf vehicle dealer in Clinton, CT. The business is owned and operated by Mickey Hawkes, PGA Professional, who has been in the golf business for more than 25 years. In the overhaul, the site got a completely new design. I combined two websites (a main site and a blog), …

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Hello, HarborHempCompany.com

Harbor Hemp Company is a CT pioneer and manufacturer/distributor of CBD products; the website is harborhempcompany.com. The family has been in business since the 1930’s in other areas of production. I was blessed to work with Sarah Archmbault (copy and project lead) and Kaitlin Hershey (design and graphics) on this project. I am very happy …

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Want an A on GTMetrix?

Here’s the deal: when your website loads quickly, people stay. They buy what you offer whether you’re selling goods or services. Your Google rank is influenced by your site speed. How is your website doing? Use GTMetrix to get an idea: https://gtmetrix.com/ If you’re seeing scores that worry you, I can help. My site currently …

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My buddy, Zach Humphrey, is the writer and brains behind hxppythxxghts.com. We launched the site toward the end of February. The goal of the site … well, honestly it’s difficult for me to summarize. It’s a place for music reviews; for exclusive interviews with musicians; it gives up-and-comers the spotlight; it’s a community for networking; …

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Prepping, getting my jQuery hand strong

I’m getting prepared for tomorrow by listening to the hype machine (it’s like a radio station run by the world and a robot) and reading through the jQuery docs.  It’s always good to know what you can do before you start your activity.  It’s funny being a programmer, because sometimes I write something that I think …

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100 Days: 100 jQuery-based scripts

This year, I’m participating in 100 Days, a little project started by Steve Ersinghaus and Carianne Mack (now Garside) which puts creativity to a test of time, stamina, and rhythm. The rule is, you have to do your thing every day for 100 Days. Also, the works should be interrelated somehow.  Steve has all the …

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Response to Making SVN trust a new root CA certificate

This is in response to Making SVN trust a new root CA certificate.  I wanted to write this there, but I can’t send comments due to a site error. @GEEK: Thanks for starting this discussion. The previous comment is the one that helped me get my post-commit hook working with VisualSVN Server on an XP box. …

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God, I love signs in other countries

A few selections from engrish.com:

If you’re reading this post, I’ve ditched Lunarpages

My web host of the past six years has finally gone super nova.  Lunarpages used to be so great – friendly, helpful, understanding.  What happened? Every once in a while I’d log into CPanel to find new goodies, better deals, more features, more space, more transfer, etc.  I got a free domain for life at …

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eLumen Community Forum

I just launched the eLumen Community Forum – it is a place for eLumen users to collaborate on solutions, compare notes, chat about higher education assessment strategies, and get answers about the technical side of running eLumen. By day, I am the eLumen administrator at Tunxis Community College, and in working with eLumen I’ve run …

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Dynamically populate an element styled with white-space: pre

Assume: $ = document.getElementById; pre = $(‘pre-text-element’); //pre-text-element is the ID of my pre tag element You cannot use: $(‘element’).innerHTML = ‘line1\nline2’; //will not work in IE7 You must do this: e = $(‘element’); while(kid=e.firstChild) { e.removeChild(kid) } //remove all children in the e.appendChild(‘line1\nline2’); Lame, huh?

Condiments for SWFUpload Initial Release

I have released a kit which aims to make life a little easier for those of you who want to spruce up the SWFUpload interface with some style. An example using the tango desktop project theme: