My buddy, Zach Humphrey, is the writer and brains behind hxppythxxghts.com. We launched the site toward the end of February. The goal of the site … well, honestly it’s difficult for me to summarize. It’s a place for music reviews; for exclusive interviews with musicians; it gives up-and-comers the spotlight; it’s a community for networking; …

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Dynamically populate an element styled with white-space: pre

Assume: $ = document.getElementById; pre = $(‘pre-text-element’); //pre-text-element is the ID of my pre tag element You cannot use: $(‘element’).innerHTML = ‘line1\nline2’; //will not work in IE7 You must do this: e = $(‘element’); while(kid=e.firstChild) { e.removeChild(kid) } //remove all children in the e.appendChild(‘line1\nline2’); Lame, huh?

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