Prevent IIS from serving .svn directories

If you’d like to update a production web site or application from SVN but are worried about the security implications of having .svn directories exposed to the public, see the following simple solution: http://www.svnforum.org/2017/viewtopic.php?p=5366&sid=da041ae2fa53fa923d632559721a51de#5366

[SOLVED] “fatal: Could not read bundle ‘/path/to/your/file.ext’.” during git clone

$ git clone /path/to/repo/* Initialized empty Git repository in /path/to/file.ext/.git/ error: ‘/path/to/repo/file.ext’ does not look like a v2 bundle file fatal: Could not read bundle ‘/path/to/repo/file.ext’. Fortunately, it happened after I’d just done a serious site-wide rename of a bunch of files, and I decided to try cleaning the repository. This solved everything: $ git …

[SOLVED] “fatal: Could not read bundle ‘/path/to/your/file.ext’.” during git clone Read More »

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