The Perfect Summer Song

This song, Daisy, by Stone Temple Pilots, in my opinion, best captures the spirit of a summer day by the pool, lake, or pond.  I picture a gentle, lazy, hot afternoon, or a cooling transition into the evening, sun heavily edging toward the horizon.


WEEeeed (yeah, that kind) I don’t even wanna SAY how much time this took me to build.  Everything I tried to do got screwed up.  This is, like, Plan X. Music by G. Love & Special Sauce. Used without permission*. *please don’t sue me.  i have nothing but love for y’all.  i buy your albums.


I’d like to take 090531, spread it on a piece of rye toast, and enjoy it in the middle of the desert with a cup of scorching black coffee, percolated, and watch the sun rise over the sandspray at the dunes’ crest.

Blown away by 090522

John Timmons just posted his first work in the 100 Days 2009 summer project, and it’s beautiful!!! 090522 blends sultry guitar notes with the clean, familiar sounds, pops and ticks of a Mac starting up.  I imagine hippie macs gathering around a human performer, trying to process his presence, then adding to his rhythm.  Then …

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