Experiment 20090525

Today’s script is called a bookmarklet.  It’s a script which is embedded in a bookmark in your browser.  After you’ve bookmarked this one, you can go to most anyweb site*, click it, and watch what it does to the page. Experiment 20090525 Drag the above link to your bookmarks bar, or right-click it and select …

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Experiment 20090524

Experiment 20090524 plays with dimensions and begins to explore randomness and likelihood.  It is inspired by The Only Man. Future experiments will build on some of the concepts here. ———– [UPDATE 2009-05-24 15:25] I am shocked to discover that FF3 on a PC cannot display this application correctly because of abug  for which there is apparently no workaround right …

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Poetic Redux

Poetic Redux v 0.1 PR eats blog posts for breakfast, be they poetry, or stories, or emotional rants, and rewrites them a little bit.  This experiment makes use of the jQuery UI.  Specifically, I used the ‘South Street‘ css theme and the jQuery UI datepicker and tabs widgets.  PR uses AJAX and a PHP proxy …

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RSS Invaders

UPDATE 2009-05-23 09:07 I just couldn’t leave well enough alone, now could I? RSS Invaders v 0.2.1 adds music, improves collision detection a little, and should have improved performance by a lot, although to be honest I’m not seeing it.  I don’t know if that’s a side effect of the flash being present to stream …

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