WEEeeed (yeah, that kind) I don’t even wanna SAY how much time this took me to build.  Everything I tried to do got screwed up.  This is, like, Plan X. Music by G. Love & Special Sauce. Used without permission*. *please don’t sue me.  i have nothing but love for y’all.  i buy your albums.

Experiment 20090604

Experiment 20090604 There are occasional anomalies which I haven’t figured out.  More soon. ———– [UPDATE 2009-06-05 19:10] This from the developer of the SVG integration plugin for jQuery, Keith Wood: Hi James There was a problem with initialising the animation in some cases, which resulted in the start values being set to 0. This has …

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Flight This one  plays with a lot of randomization.  Some of my other scripts before randomized things, but this one has many factors – gravity, current, change in current, rate of change, frequency of current changes- all this is on a randomized timeline.  Constants are forward direction and gravity.  This one also defines boundaries and …

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A day late and a dollar short as usual, I humbly present 2050, inspired by Steve’s story Software, as well as some fairly popular movie … what’s the name again?

FaceDance Bookmarklet

FaceDance (this is a bookmarklet) Instructions: Drag the link above to your ‘Favorites’ or ‘Bookmarks.’ Login to Facebook. Click the ‘FaceDance’ bookmarklet.

Experiment 20090529

Experiment 20090529 Another SVG/jQuery medly, Experiment 20090529 plays witht he SVG canvas, a circle, animation, and finishes with a little DOM manipulation, proving that I can add SVG animation to the background of virtually anything.  This opens up some interesting possibilities.  For example, I always wondered how one could construct an interface like a database …

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DynaCloudlet v0.1 – another bookmarklet.  Drag to your favorites/bookmarks, visit any web page, then click the bookmark.  I’ll explain it tomorrow when I have more energy. Note: this has not been extensively tested, but worst-case scenario, it just will not work or will throw an error.  Good luck. 🙂 ———- [UPDATE 2009-05-29] As promised, more …

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Steve’s Fingers (for 5/27)

What are Steve’s fingers doing now?   Steve’s Fingers Note: requires an SVG-capable browser. If you keep your browser fresh-smelling with upgrades, you should be OK.  (Google Chrome doesn’t like it.  There’s always gotta be one.) This application graphs Steve‘s fingers as he types his stories (not in real-time, unfortunately, but maybe in a future release). …

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