Experiment 20090618

Experiment 20090618 Just like Experiment 20090616 except now pulling in from the 100 Days blogs (the wordier ones – sorry, graphical people!) as Steve had suggested. I had to figure out where to split phrases, so I’m doing so on the following characters: . , ! ? – (these are tricky because there are many …

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Experiement 20090617 Placeholder

This is just a placeholder.  Don’t bother clicking to this for now.

Experiment 20090616

Experiment 20090616 A fun, pointless script which plays a lot with randomness: random start/end color, start/end position, start/end size, number of objects, time before beginning animation, length of animation, selection of verbiage.

Experiment 20090615

Experiment 20090615 A simple podcast player. Makes use of jw player from longtail video.  Also experiments with linking to jquery ui resources hosted at googleapis.  Using CDNs for commonly used javascript and css resources is cool because a) you don’t have to host it yourself, b) people’s browsers cache it, so it loads much more …

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Experiment 20090614 Placeholder

This is a placeholder for my 2009-06-14 project.

Experiment 20090613 Placeholder

This is a placeholder for my project for 2009-06-13.

“Simple Spy” Wrapper

“Simple Spy” Wrapper No time to explain right now.  Gotta run! [UPDATE 2009-06-14] I just looked at this again and it had some bugs in it, which I fixed, plus it turns out I forgot to tag it 100 Days, so no one has seen it yet, most likely.  I’m also going to take this …

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Understanding Trigonometry

Understanding Trigonometry This animation plots sin, cos, and tan.  Tan is cool because it has asymptotes (loosely: straight lines that the equation approaches but never reaches – kind of like the Cooper situation).  This is because for angle a, tan a = opposite/adjacent = sin a / cos a … but WAIT!  cos a sometimes …

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Storyboard: The Robber or The Image

Storyboard: The Robber or The Image This isn’t the final storyboard – it just gets the concept across.  It begins to tell the story of The Robber or The Image by Steve Ersinghaus.  I wanted to use phpthumb to do some image resizing as I’d done in Rose Clouds, but didn’t have enough time.  Maybe …

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Understanding Cosine

Understanding Cosine This experiment graphs a sine and a cosine wave on the same grid so you can see how they vary, given degree and hypotenuse length (circle radius).

Understanding Sine

Understanding Sine A couple days ago when I was working on the spiral experiment, I needed to read up a little bit on trigonometry because I realized that to calculate the x’s and y’s that I needed to plot, I needed to visualize a right triangle with point A at origin, B at my x …

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Experiment 20090607

Experiment 20090607