Facebook (owner of Instagram and other apps/platforms) is being investigated for “systemic” racism in their hiring and promotion practices by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Here’s what you need to know and what you can do to be a part of the solution and to push this investigation.

Why is Facebook being investigated for “Systemic” Racism?

Facebook program manager Oscar Veneszee Jr. and four candidates have reportedly accused the social network of discriminating against Black applicants and staff through subjective evaluations and pushing racial stereotypes. Three of the people brought the case in July 2020, with a fourth joining in December.

See Facebook reportedly investigated over ‘systemic’ racism in hiring

This issue, as far as we know, is negatively impacting Black employees and applicants at Facebook (allegedly).

What Should I Do?

Here are my current recommendations. I’ll revise this as the situation changes or as I get more ideas.


  1. FIRST, SPREAD THE WORD USING FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, or any platform you currently use. I’ve provided a BOYCOTT KIT below which will allow you to change your profile picture and add a graphic post to voice your dissent.
  2. STOP USING FACEBOOK and/or INSTAGRAM. I know this is hard. But the absolute best way to demand justice is to cut off their income. If enough of us stop using the apps, the marketing revenue which funds their entire operation will dry up.
  3. YOU CAN STILL USE THE LATER APP TO CONTINUE POSTING ON FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. I know it’s important to keep your content fresh for those still following you. Click a link below for the guide for each platform:
    1. How to post on Facebook without the Facebook App
    2. How to post on Instagram without supporting Facebook
  4. LEARN MORE about WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR TIME BESIDES BEING ON THESE APPS. I know, it seems like I’m joking but my list is good to read whether you’re joining the boycott or not.

Boycott Kit

These resources will help you “rebrand” with messaging to draw attention to the issue, education the people, and explain why you’re offline. Download each item and use on FB and IG.


  1. Save the image above to your phone.
  2. Open the Facebook and/or Instagram app.
  3. Switch your profile image to this one (you can change it back any time you like).


Make this image your last post that you leave from within the Facebook or Instagram App. I’ve included some sample copy below to add along with this image to draw attention to this cause and education your friends, family, and followers.


Copy this and use it for your caption or post message along with the graphic. Feel free to modify as you see fit.

I am boycotting or reducing my usage of #Facebook and #Instagram while Facebook is investigated for #systemic #racism. I encourage anyone reading to do the same. This is an effort to temporarily reduce their user base and cause advertising revenue to drop. Every time you scroll through your feed, you give them money. I do not tolerate racism on any level and cannot continue using this platform until Facebook fixes their internal practices #boycottfacebook #boycottinstagram #endracism #offline #offlinemovement #facebookracism
Learn more at

I recommend tagging your friends to draw special attention to your post. If you aren’t sure how, don’t worry about it. You’re already helping just by posting this. You can also use the statement above to modify your bio in your account settings. Be sure to copy and save your current biography somewhere if you want to put it back after we win!

NOTE: I suggest that you refrain from using any language that is violent or aggressive as it can get you flagged. Use my suggested images and copy at your own risk.


Feel free to download and modify as you need. Several sample images are provided to suit your tone.

Download BOYCOTT FACEBOOK image.
Download FUCK YOU FACEBOOK image.

How to post on Facebook and/or Instagram WITHOUT supporting the Facebook company:

When you scroll past an advertisement on Facebook or Instagram, you just supported the enemy (the Facebook corporation). I actively writing and revising these guides.

How to post on Facebook without the Facebook App

Simply download the LATER app, create a free account, and start scheduling posts.
You can even post on Instagram at the same time.

How to post on Instagram without supporting Facebook

Simply download the LATER app, create a free account, and start scheduling posts.
You can even post on Facebook at the same time.
Need filters? No worries: download the PIXLR app to add your favorite effects.
Need to handle comments? Go to in a browser, sign in, and comment away. Ads DO NOT show when you use it through a browser. You will need to delete or disable the app on your phone first.

Other Useful Apps

Canva is great to generate campaign-style images for posting. You can add your photos and messages. I used it to make the BOYCOTT KIT images above.

What Do I Do with All This FREE TIME?

While you’re temporarily reducing or avoiding all use of Facebook or Instagram, you can:

  1. Call your mother. She wants to hear from you. She might even be proud of you for helping this cause.
  2. Take a hike. Just go outside and start walking. It’s totally FREE.
  3. Bust out a real photo album, or start building a photo album on Google Photos or Amazon Photos to share with the family.
  4. Make a nice dinner. Remember cooking?
  5. Invite your friends over and find out what’s going on in their lives (safely; Zoom if meeting in person is not safe for you)

There are literally zillions of things you can do – things which you love doing … things that love being done by you. Enjoy!

Thank you for caring.

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