SwfUploadComponent: A CakePHP Component for Handling File Uploads

I recently published an article at The Bakery which explains how to incorporate SWFUpload into your CakePHP application. SWFUpload is a fantastic javascript/flash library which facilitates multiple file uploads with real-time upload progress. The article includes the SwfUploadComponent as well as usage tips. I developed this component because I needed to handle uploads which could …

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Mango Initial Release Draws Near

I’ve fixed most of the major bugs, and moved a few ideas I had to the next release wish list. As a final step, I must complete the help files. I plan to take care of that over the weekend and release a working copy within the next week.

Mango Bugs

Here’s the current bug list for Mango that I’ll be working on over the next week or two. After this list is complete, the initial release will go online. Nightly backups of data will be required just in case I miss something which causes the database to become corrupted. registration double what do i do? …

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‘no element found’ in firebug or firefox javascript console (part 2)

I was right. If the server sends a response and the ‘Content-Type’ attribute is ‘text/xml’, you must send at least a root node so the xml parser that is built into Mozilla’s XMLHTTPRequest object doesn’t cak and give you a ‘no element found’ Javascript error. This could be an issue for those of us who …

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A Bug in FireBug

Firebug 0.4.1 and 0.4.0 suffer from a very peculiar bug. If you create an object with a property called ‘-URL’, you can not use console.log to see the value of the property using the console. Steps to reproduce: In the console, type x = {‘-URL’ : ‘foo.pdf’, ‘-Size’ : 100}; Now type x Now press …

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I’m planning to relaunch an old project I started – my family wiki. When I do, it will be at http://family.revillini.com/ Right now I’m trying to decide on which wiki to use. I should probably use phpwiki since it will probably be the most compatible with the database I already have started.

Just Unzip

I wrote a plugin for WordPress 2.x called Just Unzip. Just Unzip takes a zip file you upload from the “Write” page, unzips it, stores the zipped files in your upload folder, and associates the unzipped files with the current post. Just Unzip makes use of the PclZip php library (LGPL Licensed). It is available …

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