Hello, HawkesGolfVehicles.com

Hawkes Golf Vehicles is a leading golf vehicle dealer in Clinton, CT. The business is owned and operated by Mickey Hawkes, PGA Professional, who has been in the golf business for more than 25 years. In the overhaul, the site got a completely new design. I combined two websites (a main site and a blog), …

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Hello, HarborHempCompany.com

Harbor Hemp Company is a CT pioneer and manufacturer/distributor of CBD products; the website is harborhempcompany.com. The family has been in business since the 1930’s in other areas of production. I was blessed to work with Sarah Archmbault (copy and project lead) and Kaitlin Hershey (design and graphics) on this project. I am very happy …

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Prepping for 10 days in Europe

Courtney, Evandra and I are about to set out on a journey through a few select locations in Europe that is reminiscent of trips my mom took my brother and myself on 25 years ago. We start in Paris – a classic in European destinations. We are going to hit as many landmarks as we …

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Hiking Mad River Dam with Fox and Ivan

Today’s hike was only about an hour. Fortunately, the sun was out but it was quite windy at the crest of the dam. We tried a trail that wrapped around the South bank of the Mad River Reservoir which offered a break from the wind, but introduced swamp-like areas along the trail which were often …

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Want an A on GTMetrix?

Here’s the deal: when your website loads quickly, people stay. They buy what you offer whether you’re selling goods or services. Your Google rank is influenced by your site speed. How is your website doing? Use GTMetrix to get an idea: https://gtmetrix.com/ If you’re seeing scores that worry you, I can help. My site currently …

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Hiking the Tunxis Trail with Fox

The Tunxis Trail is a nice hike in CT. It doesn’t loop but offers some interesting features and is very lightly trafficked. I believe I’ve only crossed paths with another person once in the past year. I started hiking it toward the end of 2018 and recently started hitting this trail again. I’ve probably walked …

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My buddy, Zach Humphrey, is the writer and brains behind hxppythxxghts.com. We launched the site toward the end of February. The goal of the site … well, honestly it’s difficult for me to summarize. It’s a place for music reviews; for exclusive interviews with musicians; it gives up-and-comers the spotlight; it’s a community for networking; …

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Add your own title separator characters using Yoast SEO’s wpseo_separator_options filter

Despite Yoast’s discouragement of using the wpseo_separator_options filter to add more separator options to the configuration page (SEO > Search Appearance), I really wanted to give it a shot so my URLs would have a neat separator that’s not commonly seen. Hookr.io had a great breakdown of how wpseo_separator_options can be implemented. I added the …

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A search for wild grape seeds on a hidden CT hiking trail in Winchester

Evandra and I went on a search for wild grape seeds on a little-known hiking trail in CT this weekend. My previous reconnaissance in September 2018 held that this might be a great spot to recover some seeds from a vine in the area. None of my trail apps show this as an active trail, …

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When your girl grabs the firewood

I cannot comment on the following except to say that I love you, Courtney Kane.

Halloween 2013

Thanks to Courtney Kane for the camera work on this one. I believe she filmed it on a flip-phone.

A Hike with Marc

It was a bit chilly and certainly mushy in parts on account of the bizarre snowfall the day before, but the hike in the Winsted Woods, which has entrances at Gilbert High and traces along old route 8 North, was scenic and enjoyable. Both Marc and I got a chance to break in and test …

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