100 Days: 100 jQuery-based scripts

This year, I’m participating in 100 Days, a little project started by Steve Ersinghaus and Carianne Mack (now Garside) which puts creativity to a test of time, stamina, and rhythm. The rule is, you have to do your thing every day for 100 Days. Also, the works should be interrelated somehow.  Steve has all the players gathered in his netvibes aggregator, but here’s the rollcall:

  • steve – short stories
  • carianne – drawings
  • jessica – pinhole photographs
  • neha – poetry
  • jim – scripts using jQuery
  • maggie – food (wait, are we getting served this food daily?  I hope so.)

So there you go.  I’m hoping Steve will switch the netvibes aggregator to the “100 Days” tag feed only. Then again, it probably doesn’t matter because this is probably all I’ll use my blog for in the next 100 days anyway.  [UPDATE: thanks Steve] Oh yeah – that reminds me – this all starts on May 22.

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