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Visual Form Builder Magic

This is an add-on plugin which adds some magic to the wonderful Visual Form Builder (non-pro) plugin. You must have Visual Form Builder installed for this to do anything. Compatible with VFB 2.7.1 and up.


  • Add the class send-to to any form field and the submitted information will also get sent to those email addresses.


Add the "send-to" class to the CSS Classes field to cause emails to get sent there as well.

Get It

Download the latest Visual Form Builder Magic


I got mad that I couldn’t make the form submit the contents to multiple email recipients as specified in the form itself, so I coded this to hack in the functionality without ruining the integrity of the original plugin.


Even though I’m calling this version 1.0, it’s never been used anywhere except my site, so you can try at your own risk. At worst, it just might not work and you might have to disable it. It doesn’t modify your database or any nonsense like that.


Support will be limited to what I have time to handle. You can leave general comments here (stuff like “hey, good shit, man”), but if you need a response, use the WordPress.org support forum for the plugin.

Donations Accepted

Hell yeah you can donate.


  1. Will this not work on the pro version of the plugin? Any idea how to make it so?

  2. I believe it will work with the pro version. I think the hooks are the same. Are you finding that it does not work?

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