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Condiments for SWFUpload Initial Release

I have released a kit which aims to make life a little easier for those of you who want to spruce up the SWFUpload interface with some style. An example using the tango desktop project theme:

Screenshot of Condiments in action.

SwfUploadComponent: A CakePHP Component for Handling File Uploads

I recently published an article at The Bakery which explains how to incorporate SWFUpload into your CakePHP application. SWFUpload is a fantastic javascript/flash library which facilitates multiple file uploads with real-time upload progress.

The article includes the SwfUploadComponent as well as usage tips. I developed this component because I needed to handle uploads which could be associated with any number of objects in Mango. One of the key goals of Mango is to be user-friendly, and since file uploading is one of the least fun experiences on the Web (in my opinion, anyway), I needed to find a way to at least simulate the kind of user interaction that the desktop operating system offers. SWFUpload meets that need.

I’m working on a project page for SwfUploadComponent which will have the API for the component. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Eelco Wiersma for the original code which I used as a basis for development. Also, thanks to gwoo for guidance and cakebin pastes – he helped me to tweak it for performance and readability.

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