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Prepping, getting my jQuery hand strong

I’m getting prepared for tomorrow by listening to the hype machine (it’s like a radio station run by the world and a robot) and reading through the jQuery docs.  It’s always good to know what you can do before you start your activity.  It’s funny being a programmer, because sometimes I write something that I think is so amazing, and then I show it to someone and as I’m doing the demonstration, I realize that they have no interest in how it works, only what it does, so my programmatic tour de force does not impress as much.

Therefore, I’m not only going to try to do interesting things with jQuery, I’m also going to try to make you understand why what I’m coding is cool.  Ha ha – as I reread that last statement, I feel silly because it’s pretty difficult to explain beauty in code … plus maybe doing so is pointless.  Regardless, I do hope to write a little paragraph or two about what I’m coding so maybe it can let you into the world of a developer a little bit.  The story behind the program is often more interesting than the program itself.

Alright … I have more to say but I’m going to shut up now and get back to reading.  Damn!  I just realized I’m sitting on the crappy office chair and my cat Shazam! is sleeping on the good chair.

100 Days: 100 jQuery-based scripts

This year, I’m participating in 100 Days, a little project started by Steve Ersinghaus and Carianne Mack (now Garside) which puts creativity to a test of time, stamina, and rhythm. The rule is, you have to do your thing every day for 100 Days. Also, the works should be interrelated somehow.  Steve has all the players gathered in his netvibes aggregator, but here’s the rollcall:

  • steve – short stories
  • carianne – drawings
  • jessica – pinhole photographs
  • neha – poetry
  • jim – scripts using jQuery
  • maggie – food (wait, are we getting served this food daily?  I hope so.)

So there you go.  I’m hoping Steve will switch the netvibes aggregator to the “100 Days” tag feed only. Then again, it probably doesn’t matter because this is probably all I’ll use my blog for in the next 100 days anyway.  [UPDATE: thanks Steve] Oh yeah – that reminds me – this all starts on May 22.

Response to Making SVN trust a new root CA certificate

This is in response to Making SVN trust a new root CA certificate.  I wanted to write this there, but I can’t send comments due to a site error.

@GEEK: Thanks for starting this discussion. The previous comment is the one that helped me get my post-commit hook working with VisualSVN Server on an XP box. I was writing a hook to update my web directory from the SVN repo on every commit.

@Other contributors: Thanks for adding your comments which lead me to the right solution to properly make my server trust istself!

Just to consolidate the steps:


  1. Hit the repo in IE at whatever its address is; e.g. https://server:8443/path/to/svn/
  2. It will tell you the cert is untrusted. Click view certificates.
  3. click Install certificate…
  4. hit Next
  5. select Place all certificates in the following store
  6. click Browse…
  7. select Trusted Root Certificate Authorities
  8. hit OK
  9. hit Next
  10. hit Finish
  11. hit Yes, OK, OK, YES!
  12. Start>Run>services.msc
  13. restart VisualSVN server service Now your hooks on that machine should not have any issue updating from itself.

God, I love signs in other countries

A few selections from engrish.com:

Yeah, it really is.

Really? Sweet, I was hoping it was ok.

My new motto: When I refuse, it is.

My new motto: When I refuse, it is.

Its cool, the toilet will get back on the stone steps later today.

It's cool, the toilet will get back on the stone steps later today.

If you’re reading this post, I’ve ditched Lunarpages

My web host of the past six years has finally gone super nova.  Lunarpages used to be so great – friendly, helpful, understanding.  What happened?

Every once in a while I’d log into CPanel to find new goodies, better deals, more features, more space, more transfer, etc.  I got a free domain for life at one point, and I just thought, “Damn, think about all those suckas out there who aren’t hosting with Lunarpages.”

Then the toll-free tech. support number went to toll.  “OK,” I thought, “big deal.  I have a cell phone and I don’t pay long-distance.”  Then the support line hours went from 24/7 to 9-5 M-F.  OK, not cool, but whatever – nothing was broken so I didn’t really fret.

Then something broke.  It was past their phone-in hours, so I used their support e-mail service.  After going round and round, it turned out that they’d cut a feature under the auspices that the new CPanel itself didn’t support it.  I found it hard to believe since CPanel lets you do thie thing I was trying to do – it just wasn’t taking effect.

Since that episode, little things have bean breaking from time to time.  I have to really stay on top of things to make sure it’s all running tip-top.  The tech. support isn’t bad, it’s just bad that I have to use it now quite often, and the responses are more likely to be canned or brush offs than helpful.

Finally, the last straw: they destroyed my DNS settings somehow.  I’ve read other people’s posts about this, but I’d never experienced it myself.  All of a sudden, like 6 domains I have are all pointing to lunarpages.com.  Now it’s 12 hours later and still no response from tech. support.

Sorry, but that’s not acceptable.

So the new host is dreamhost.com.  I like them so far.  The sales dept. was very knowledgeable about their product, their wiki covers all migration and technical issues … they just seem very progressive overall.  And, I got $24 off the yearly price of hosting because I went in from a link at wordpress.org’s list of recommended hosts.

I have a feeling that Lunarpages is going to need to move fast to avoid a landslide of users breaking away.  Alliances change fast on the Internet …

eLumen Community Forum

I just launched the eLumen Community Forum – it is a place for eLumen users to collaborate on solutions, compare notes, chat about higher education assessment strategies, and get answers about the technical side of running eLumen.

By day, I am the eLumen administrator at Tunxis Community College, and in working with eLumen I’ve run into all manner of snags – I assume that other colleges which are supporting their own eLumen server may be having the same issues, and I’d like for them to be able to benefit fro the solutions we’ve found, and vice versa.

The key discussion area on the forum, I think, is going to be the Mashups board. The Mashup board is the place to discuss bridging eLumen data with other data sources to produce new ways to navigate the data. The reporting mechanism baked into eLumen is pretty good for basic analysis, but to show the numbers in the context of other things, such as a student’s e-Portfolio work, or to deliver the numbers in an interactive web application where relationships are links to new views, would require the data to be brought into something else.

Anyway, enough about that here. No one reads this blog anyway. But I also want to say that I’m excited because phorum is AWESOME software for a forum site, and I’ve already made my own template (called orange on olive), which is featured – you guessed it – at the eLumen Community Forum.

Dynamically populate an element styled with white-space: pre


You cannot use:

You must do this:

Lame, huh?

Condiments for SWFUpload Initial Release

I have released a kit which aims to make life a little easier for those of you who want to spruce up the SWFUpload interface with some style. An example using the tango desktop project theme:

Screenshot of Condiments in action.

SwfUploadComponent: A CakePHP Component for Handling File Uploads

I recently published an article at The Bakery which explains how to incorporate SWFUpload into your CakePHP application. SWFUpload is a fantastic javascript/flash library which facilitates multiple file uploads with real-time upload progress.

The article includes the SwfUploadComponent as well as usage tips. I developed this component because I needed to handle uploads which could be associated with any number of objects in Mango. One of the key goals of Mango is to be user-friendly, and since file uploading is one of the least fun experiences on the Web (in my opinion, anyway), I needed to find a way to at least simulate the kind of user interaction that the desktop operating system offers. SWFUpload meets that need.

I’m working on a project page for SwfUploadComponent which will have the API for the component. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Eelco Wiersma for the original code which I used as a basis for development. Also, thanks to gwoo for guidance and cakebin pastes – he helped me to tweak it for performance and readability.

Mango – a wiki for the rest of us

This weekend, I’m hoping to release a beta of a wiki system I’m developing called ‘Mango.’� My intention is to start off with some basic wiki functionality, get some testers, revise, then produce a version 1 release which will be available for free download on the web.

Ultimately, I would like to do a full product launch a month or two from now which includes a boxed version of this software.� The commercial, packaged version will include the Mango software, printed and digital user manual, and video tutorial cd-rom and/or dvd.

I will be hosting a live version of Mango at http://mango-demo.revillini.com.

I will also host my family wiki using Mango at http://family.revillini.com – this was the original intent of the software, even though it does not yet have any geneology-specific features at this time.

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