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Month: April 2010

LAMPP/XAMPP + WordPress: Asking for Connection Information to install plugins

A standard LAMPP install on Ubuntu hosting a wordpress site is going to yield a screen asking for connection information if you try to install a plugin using the integrated installer.  To get around this, fix the ownership of the wordpress directory and the permissions.

NOTE: what I’m about to tell you to do is NOT SECURE.  It’s OK for local development in a closed environment where no one is trying to hack you.  By following this, you’ll be allowed to install the plugins as expected, but you’ll be opening a major security hole in your system.  I disclaim all responsibility for consequences of you following my advice.

That said, here’s what to do:

  1. Open a Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal)
  2. enter sudo chown -R nobody\: ~/workspace/website-folder and press RETURN
  3. enter sudo chmod -R 777 ~/workspace/website-folder and press RETURN

Note: replace ~/workspace/website-folder with the path to your website folder.

When you FTP the files, the permissions will not be kept, so it should be OK to develop like this and then upload it to a remote server, then tweak only the necessary permissions.

CakePHP mutliple checkbox input

This is just here because I always forget how to do it:

[code]echo $form->input(‘fieldname’, array(‘options’=>array(‘1’=>’val1’, ‘3’=>’val2′ […]), ‘multiple’=>’checkbox’, ‘label’=>’Da Label’));[/code]

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