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I’d like to take 090531, spread it on a piece of rye toast, and enjoy it in the middle of the desert with a cup of scorching black coffee, percolated, and watch the sun rise over the sandspray at the dunes’ crest.

FaceDance Bookmarklet

FaceDance (this is a bookmarklet)


  1. Drag the link above to your ‘Favorites’ or ‘Bookmarks.’
  2. Login to Facebook.
  3. Click the ‘FaceDance’ bookmarklet.

Which Fictional Character Are You?

It has bugs that I’ll work out later. Gotta get to graduation. (This script is for yesterday, by the way)

[UPDATE 17:54] I fixed the ‘point’ bug which always had you being Point from The Point, but the application could use some improvements in general.  For example, one of the questions is a 2 part question where you’d simultaneously want to answer ‘yes’ and ‘no.’  Ther is also the chance you’d have a tie, so there should be tiebreakers and stuff, but I don’t have time to retool it.  It’s on to the next script and I’ll finally be caught up.

Experiment 20090529

o yeah

o yeah

Experiment 20090529

Another SVG/jQuery medly, Experiment 20090529 plays witht he SVG canvas, a circle, animation, and finishes with a little DOM manipulation, proving that I can add SVG animation to the background of virtually anything.  This opens up some interesting possibilities.  For example, I always wondered how one could construct an interface like a database modeller, or one similar to what you see in tinderbox.  Sure, it’s easy to use the jQuery UI to make nice boxes that can be filled with all kinds of good things, but what about the smooth, curvy lines that connect node to node?

With some imagination, planning, and an engine that keeps track of the position, height, and width of floating DOM nodes, I think it would be within our reach to add that polish that is typical in desktop apps.


:: the gist of the page in a click ::

:: the gist of the page in a click ::

DynaCloudlet v0.1 – another bookmarklet.  Drag to your favorites/bookmarks, visit any web page, then click the bookmark.  I’ll explain it tomorrow when I have more energy.

Note: this has not been extensively tested, but worst-case scenario, it just will not work or will throw an error.  Good luck. :)


[UPDATE 2009-05-29] As promised, more info…

DynaCloudlet was actually very simple to program.  There are 3 main pieces:

  1. the Bookmarklet code – this loads jQuery from ajax.googleapis.com, then loads my script which loads the next two items;
  2. the css and Javascript driving the dialog box (which all came ready to run from the jQuery UI project);
  3. the jQuery plugin called DynaCloud which hunts for  non-stop-words and tallies up their frequency, and then generates the tag cloud based on that data.

Steve’s Fingers (for 5/27)

What are Steve's fingers doing now?What are Steve’s fingers doing now?


Steve’s Fingers

Note: requires an SVG-capable browser. If you keep your browser fresh-smelling with upgrades, you should be OK.  (Google Chrome doesn’t like it.  There’s always gotta be one.)

This application graphs Steve‘s fingers as he types his stories (not in real-time, unfortunately, but maybe in a future release).  It gets a live feed from his web site, captures the last 4 stories, converts the non-HTML characters to Unicode numeric values, and plots them on a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) canvas.  This is my first venture into the world of SVG, and I couldn’t have achieved this level of graphical manipulation without the help of the SVG Integration jQuery plugin.

Experiment 20090526 (now “Rose Clouds”), Part II: OK, here it is.

Rose Clouds

Rose Clouds (formerly “Experiment 20090526”) – it’s just something relaxing to watch.  Carianne, I hope you don’t mind me stealing a bit of rose.

script block

I’ve got script block.

Experiment 20090526, Part I: The Excuse

Late Pass

First: I’m late.  I know I’m late.  I can’t do anything about being late.

My excuse: got home and had to immediately start helping my wife put up the new roof on the bunny pens.  Yes, we have some bunnies.  This project took us until around 10, which normally would be when I’m just starting to feel programmatically creative, however, I also logged 32 miles commuting to work on bicycle yesterday.  So I was exhausted.

16 Miles on a bike: New Hartford to Farmington

An approximation of my route.

An approximation of my route.

I’ve been building up to this day for a few weeks.  The road has been rocky, both literally and figuratively.  Litterally because I’ve incorporated the Farmington River Trail into my journey, and there are stretches of gravel and a few little rocks here and there.  Figuratively, because I’ve had 2 blow outs in that short amount of time.


But no more!  Last week, I went to Torrington Cycle and fitness and got my bike upgraded to some hybrid tires that are more puncture resistant and new tubes, as well as a new set of brakes on the front (I had no front brakes this year or last).  Man, these tires sure made a difference.  It feels like I shifted into an easier gear all the time!

So today, for the first time ever, I started the biking portion of my trip in New Hartford, which comes out to a 5 mile drive, and a 16 mile bike trek.  That’s 5 miles further than I’ve ever rode on my commute, as I used to debark from the commuter lot in Canton.

Alright, so goal met!  New goal: commute completely on bike from Winsted to Farmington, a ~22 mile ride.

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